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MP4 Video Do You Believe In God, or BELIEVE GOD?John CombestAdult Sunday School12/10/2017Missionary Visits 2017
MP4 Video Children's Christmas Program 2017Grace Baptist ChurchChristmas Program 201712/10/2017Christmas Programs
MP4 Video The Fruitful VinePastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Evening Service12/10/2017Israel Tour 2017
MP4 Video Financial ResponsibilityRon WilliamsWednesday Evening Service12/06/2017Missionary Visits 2017
MP4 Video Reasons Why We Must Continue in the FaithPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Service12/03/2017 
MP4 Video The Doctrine of the Virgin Birth of Jesus ChristPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Evening Service12/03/2017 
MP4 Video Lesson 7Doug BidlackAdult Sunday School12/03/2017Making Home Work in a Broken Society
MP4 Video What Do You Believe God Can Do?Pastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Service11/26/2017 
MP4 Video The Matter of Foolishness or GodlinessPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Evening Service11/26/2017Am I Covetous or Content?
MP4 Video Lesson 6BDoug BidlackAdult Sunday School11/26/2017Making Home Work in a Broken Society
MP4 Video A Plan for ThanksgivingPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Service11/19/2017 
MP4 Video The Matter of Emptiness or FulfillmentPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Evening Service11/19/2017Am I Covetous or Content?
MP4 Video Lesson 6Doug BidlackAdult Sunday School11/19/2017Making Home Work in a Broken Society
MP4 Video Be Strong In Charity Part 3Pastor Mark MichalcewiczWednesday Evening Message11/15/2017Series in 1 Peter
MP4 Video Lesson 5BDoug BidlackAdult Sunday School11/12/2017Making Home Work in a Broken Society

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