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MP4 Video Lessson 15Doug BidlackAdult Sunday School08/11/2019When You Can't Just Get Over It
MP4 Video For Spiritual UnderstandingPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Evening Service08/11/2019Feeding on the Lamb
MP4 Video Who Are You Imitating Today?Pastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Service08/11/2019 
MP4 Video Labouring Together With GodPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Message08/04/2019 
MP4 Video For Strength for the JourneyPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Evening Message08/04/2019Feeding on the Lamb
MP4 Video Lesson 14Doug BidlackAdult Sunday School08/04/2019When You Can't Just Get Over It
MP4 Video Psalm 73Kurt WallaceWednesday Evening Message07/31/2019 
MP4 Video Portugal MissionsDavid BoothAdult Sunday School07/28/2019Missionary Visits 2019
MP4 Video Three Reasons For MissionsDavid BoothSunday Morning Service07/28/2019Missionary Visits 2019
MP4 Video How Do We Taste as Christians?Doug BidlackSunday Evening Service07/28/2019 
MP4 Video Another Gospel That is NOT AnotherPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Service07/21/2019 
MP4 Video The Hours We Can Count on the LordPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Evening Service07/21/2019 
MP4 Video Lesson 13Doug BidlackAdult Sunday School07/21/2019When You Can't Just Get Over It
MP4 Video The Wisdom of Faithful Friendship Part 2Pastor Mark MichalcewiczWednesday Evening Message07/21/2019Wisdom for the Way
MP4 Video The Nothing that Increases Anxiety Instead of FaithPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Service07/14/2019Important Nothings In The Bible

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