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MP3 Audio SermonHow The People of God Can Thank GodPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Message11/22/2020 
MP3 Audio SermonAm I Wanting Or Am I SeekingPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Evening Message11/22/2020 
MP3 Audio SermonWhy Persistent Prayer Pays OffPastor Mark MichalcewiczWednesday Evening Message11/18/2020 
MP3 Audio SermonGod's Blueprint for Biblical MissionsPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Evening Message11/15/2020 
MP3 Audio SermonThe Most Love Grows In The Most ForgivenPastor Mark MichalcewiczWednesday Evening Message11/11/2020 
MP3 Audio SermonGive Jesus Your UnbeliefPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Message11/08/2020What The Bible Says To Do When You Need a Miracle
MP3 Audio SermonWhy GOd Can Bless in the Land of AfflictionPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Evening Message11/08/2020 
MP3 Audio SermonWilliam McKinley, Woodrow Wilson, Dwight D. EisenhowerPastor Mark MichalcewiczWednesday Evening Message11/04/2020God and the Presidents
MP3 Audio SermonSet Your Clock To JesusPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Message11/01/2020What The Bible Says To Do When You Need a Miracle
MP3 Audio SermonBible Truth For The Voter's BoothPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Evening Message11/01/2020 
MP3 Audio SermonGive ThanksPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Message10/25/2020What The Bible Says To Do When You Need a Miracle
MP3 Audio SermonMeasuring God's LovePastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Evening Message10/25/2020 
MP3 Audio SermonJohn Adams and Thomas JeffersonPastor Mark MichalcewiczWednesday Evening Message10/21/2020God and the Presidents
MP3 Audio SermonBelieve That Jesus Knows You The BestPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Message10/18/2020What The Bible Says To Do When You Need a Miracle
MP3 Audio SermonConsiderations For Being Found Faithful in 2020Pastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Evening Message10/18/2020 

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