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MP3 Audio SermonHow Close Am I To JesusPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Message04/11/2021 
MP3 Audio SermonWe Need The Bible To Have RevivalPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Evening Message04/11/2021Psalm 119 Messages
MP3 Audio SermonChurch Is A Place To GivePastor Mark MichalcewiczWednesday Evening Message04/07/2021Making God's Name Visible In My Life
MP3 Audio SermonThree Places To Meet JesusPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Message04/04/2021Resurrection Services
MP3 Audio SermonThree Miracles That Followed The Cry of JesusPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Evening Message04/04/2021Resurrection Services
MP3 Audio SermonIs God Visible In Your Church?Pastor Mark MichalcewiczWednesday Evening Message03/31/2021Making God's Name Visible In My Life
MP3 Audio SermonWhat Does The Bible Say About BaptismPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Message03/28/2021 
MP3 Audio SermonThe Effect of God's Word On The YoungPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Evening Message03/28/2021Psalm 119 Messages
MP3 Audio SermonMaking God's Name Visible In My LifePastor Mark MichalcewiczWednesday Evening Message03/24/2021 
MP3 Audio SermonThree Reasons A City Can Be Moved By JesusPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Message03/21/2021 
MP3 Audio SermonGod's Word Stirs The MemoryPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Evening Message03/21/2021 
MP3 Audio SermonIs God Visible In Your Castle?Pastor Mark MichalcewiczWednesday Evening Message03/17/2021Making God's Name Visible In My Life
MP3 Audio SermonWhy I Need RevivalJeff FarnhamAdult Sunday School03/14/2021Guest Speakers 2021
MP3 Audio SermonThe Forgotten BeattitudeJeff FarnhamSunday Morning Message03/14/2021Guest Speakers 2021
MP3 Audio SermonStrong FaithJeff FarnhamSunday Evening Message03/14/2021Guest Speakers 2021

2592 S. Michigan Rd.
Eaton Rapids, MI 48827
Phone: 517.663.5690